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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Over at “American Thinker”, there was a post by Thomas Lifson called, “Conservatives Behaving Badly?” It carried a fairly obscure article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that reported on what at least two of the Democrats were doing during Obama’s speech on September 9th. A lot was made over Congressman Wilson’s outburst, but this is the first I had heard about Congressmen Green and Pascrell.
It caught my eye because Rep. Bill Pascrell, (8th District, New Jersey), is MY congressman. I have tried to correspond with Rep. Pascrell on a number of occasions. He is the master of the form letter. After I wrote him about the misrepresentations in his newsletter concerning U.S. energy resources, he stopped sending me the newsletter. (Perhaps, it was because I pointed out that using “Wikipedia” and Nancy Pelosi as references for his statistics did not raise his credibility in my mind).
He did give me an automated call to invite me to a telephone “Town Hall” on health reform. I dutifully waited by the phone, but the call did not come at the appointed time. Finally, I received another automated call some 20 minutes AFTER the “Town Hall” had begun. On it he said how very sorry I had not been available when they had called earlier. WHAT?!? (NOTE: I had been waiting by the phone with my questions for 90 minutes before Bill had said they would call–NO way that I missed the call). He went on to tell me that I could call his office to schedule a time to participate in the NEXT telephone “Town Hall”. I wrote with my questions instead. Surprise! I have yet to receive an answer. Guess he must be too busy planning his antics.
When, oh when, will the 8th District voters wake up and boot this guy? Couldn’t be soon enough for me!

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