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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Obama Profile

Obama so mastered the workshops on power that he later taught them himself. On his campaign website, one can find a photo of Obama in a classroom teaching students Alinskian methods. He stands in front of a blackboard on which he has written, “Power Analysis” and “Relationships Built on Self Interest,” an idea illustrated by a diagram of the flow of money from corporations to the mayor.

For any “sparrows” out there who missed the information concerning ACORN that was published during the Presidential campaign, (possibly because you were relying on the mainstream media for your information?), check out the reprise of Stanley Kurtz’s article. Be sure to take the time and read the two articles he links to within his article. Read them CAREFULLY, especially the first one, because it details how far the reach of ACORN goes–truly scary.

Lest we forget, the POTUS worked to train these folks, defend these folks and promised them a “place at the table” in his administration! (More on that in the coming days). Above are the Obama/ACORN pictures that I first stumbled upon back when I was researching Obama. They are difficult to find now, since they have been “scrubbed” off of the pro-Obama sites where they used to be, but I persevered, because a picture IS worth a thousand words!

I think that it is important to realize that ACORN has been under scrutiny for a while, but it finally took these undercover videos to have it removed from census work, and to have the Senate vote against funding for it. We can hope that the House will follow suit!

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