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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


The POTUS announced today that the European missile defense program is being scrapped (my word) in favor of a new agile and mobile missile defense to be deployed on the sea. This new missile defense program will be “superior” to the former program, both President Obama and Secretary Gates agree on that. (Or, at least Secretary Gates agrees with it now). It will be lighter, stronger, smarter, cheaper, faster and…(wait for it) has the blessings of the Russians. Wow, what’s not to like about all that? Sounds too good to be true. (Kind of like that perfect Obamacare plan). So why all the Polish and Czech consternation?

Ahh, we are all safer now. It’s true. Mr Obama said so. Luckily, all of this has transpired just in time for President Obama to chair the U.N. Security Council Meeting next week. Great timing–wonder what it all means? Stay tuned.

Okay, all the foregoing is confusing enough, but here are some other foreign policy decisions that have me bewildered:
-wanting to talk with Ahmadinejad even after watching the Iranian people dying in their streets. The former is diplomacy, the latter is not “meddling”;
-lending a sympathetic ear to the likes of Chavez and Castro, while rebuffing our ally Columbia and continuing to block the implementation of the Columbia FTA. (REALLY silly, since we may be in sore need of their produce soon, depending on the winner of the Farmer-Fish Water War in California’s San Joaquin Valley);
-joining voices with the likes of Chavez and Castro in rebuking and castigating Honduras for their legal removal of the would-be dictator, and Chavez good-buddy, Manuel Zelaya; ummm, “meddling”?
-morally equating Palestinian refugees with the Holocaust; I do not have the words to describe that!

Hmmm, what do all of the above have in common? And, more importantly, what are the aims and the consequences of the ever-evolving “Obama Doctrine”?

P.S.  Today would have been my Daddy’s 88th birthday.  A WWII veteran, I often wonder what he would make of what is happening in the country today, and I often rejoice that he did not live to see it.  Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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