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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Do you ever wonder just WHERE kids pick up the ideas they have nowadays?

Recently, Tucker Carlson exposed how text books in our schools are decidedly slanted to the Left. Furthermore, they often delete, misstate and twist information. The program aired on Fox and can be seen on YouTube by searching for “Text Book Wars”. It is well worth a look.

I was very concerned after watching “Text Book Wars”. However, I believe that parents, once alerted, can be more than equally influential in comparison to a book. In fact, pointing out where a text book is in error can be educational in and of itself, teaching children to not believe everything they read, how to do independent research and how to be an active participant in their education, in short, how to think and arrive at reasoned conclusions.

But, what happens when “educational” videos are shown to children during the school day? How is a parent to know what their children are hearing or seeing? Moreover, what impact do these kinds of presentations have on various aspects of our children’s thinking and development? I have linked to what I find to be a very disturbing video that is being shown in our public schools. It is called, “The Story of Stuff”-a fairly innocuous title; the content is anything but innocuous. Lee Doren, from the Competitive Enterprise Institute developed a critique of this video, so his commentary breaks into the video itself with helpful information. There are four parts to the video. You will want to watch it in its entirety. Pay special attention to the language that is used. There are many “code words” of the Left in the video, words that are a familiar part of Liberal speeches, writings, interviews, legislation, etc.

As I was watching the video, I was reminded of “educational” films that we were shown during Junior High School (as it was then known). I especially remember a series about life in the Soviet Union. One particular portion of the series was horrifying to me at the time; it still is. The segment showed how the children were being brainwashed with Communist propaganda, misinformation, distortions and lies in their schools. In the discussions that followed these films American liberties, free speech, access to the truth, etc. were all stressed as a contrast to these films. I never have forgotten those black and white films, and how I hurt for those children. They seemed to have no chance to ever know the truth or think for themselves. Their future was nothing more than to be imprisoned and oppressed by the Communist ideology.

Today, that ideology is still around. It is now our own children and grandchildren that are being indoctrinated into it under the green guise of being environmentally responsible; something I could have never imagined in Junior High School. Information is power; empower yourselves to protect the children from this sort of blatant anti-capitalist teaching.

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