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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin



Ronald Reagan once summed up the Government’s view of the economy, “If it moves, tax it.  If it keeps moving, regulate it.  If it stops moving, subsidize it.”  This view is equally applicable to the present Administration’s energy policy.

The Institute for Energy Research has a study of the European experience with creating “green jobs”.  Since the Europeans have been held up as a model for the U.S. pursuit of “green jobs”, it is crucial that we are informed about the true outcome of this European experiment.  Here is a link to a map that displays the change in electric prices by U.S. region, if the German model is adopted here.

Sparrows, is this really the direction that we want to take in this Country?  Comment at will.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaak Saame says:

    IER studies on Germany and Denmark are full of false statements. IER is an anti-clean energy group that produces bogus research aimed at derailing U.S. policy away from clean, renewable sources of energy. Wind and solar are part of the solution for a better environment and healthier atmosphere.

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