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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin



Today, as I watched those who traveled to Washington D. C. to rally against H.R. 3962, (it was streamed by Fox over the internet),  I was heartened.   Not only were the GOP representatives passionate, but also gave me hope that future leaders will indeed emerge who represent our founding principles.  And, the people who attended are true examples of the patriots of old.

A number of Republicans referred to their own Health Reform Bill.  Fox reported the following:

“The Republicans have put forward their own version of health care reform as an alternative, but the Congressional Budget Office estimated that their plan-while keeping premiums down and costing a mere fraction of the cost of the Democrats’ bill-would cover only 3 million more Americans.  The Democrats’ bill is projected to cover 36 million.”

As I have discussed before, I am skeptical of the number of uninsured that seems to change each and every time one of the “progressives” in the Government talks about it.  If I wanted to be very cynical, I would again point out that the Democrat bill leaves 4% uninsured, or approximately twelve million.  That number is equivalent to the actual number of currently uninsured American citizens. If the Republican bill covers 3 million of these twelve million then we would be left with about 9 million uninsured.  However, I am sure that this is NOT the math that they used.  I continue to believe that Democrats are not mathematically inclined.

In a related article Fox also reported an interesting related factoid about H.R. 3962:

“Though the bill is estimated to expand coverage from the current 83 percent to 96 percent of legal U.S. residents, the windfall of projected penalty payments also exposes a potential contradiction in reform.  A significant part of the plan to expand coverage relies financially on fines from the uninsured.”

Now, this sounds a lot like how E-Z Pass in New Jersey was originally supposed to be funded.  The thought was that ample revenue for the program would be generated from tickets issued to those drivers who approached the E-Z Pass lanes at too great a speed.  However, very few did not observe the posted limit.  As a result, little revenue was generated from fines and E-Z Pass was soon going broke.  When will these folks ever learn from the mistakes of the past?

In the midst of the rally this afternoon, the POTUS, of course, needed to make his daily T.V. appearance.  He showed up unannounced in the White House Press room to share that both the AMA and the AARP had endorsed H.R. 3962.  Commenting on the AARP endorsement the POTUS said:

“They’re endorsing this bill because they know it will strengthen Medicare, not jeopardize it.  They know it will protect the benefits our seniors recieve, not cut them.”

(Too bad that Joe Wilson was outside at the rally at the time.  We could have used his clear, sweet voice from the back of the room denouncing this statement.)

House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va) responded to the AARP endorsement in a slightly different way:

“It’s really puzzling why the AARP would endorse a bill that cuts $500 billion from Medicare.  I suspect they will get a lot of pushback.”

I am hoping for a lot of pushback from EVERYONE.  The vote is scheduled for Saturday.  The POTUS is going to drop by and schmooze the Democrats that may be teetering tomorrow.  We need to keep the pressure on our Representatives, even they are lost causes.  If I can continue to contact my sorry Representative, Bill Pascrell, you can call or e-mail your Representative.  If we are to go down, let us go down fighting.

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