THE SAPIENT SPARROW: conservatism for commoners

"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


IBD cartoon by Michael Ramirez

Mr. Obama is doing his best to make us believe that he is focusing on creating jobs.  He would do better by actually creating an environment conducive to increasing employment.  Alas, our talented POTUS seems to lack that particular ability.  Instead, he convenes a “Job Summit” to which he invites sycophants and cronies, followed yesterday by a private confab with “fat cat” bankers with the very public goal of “pressuring” them to loan more money to small business.

We have seen how well such “pressuring”, coupled with regulations and sanctions, have worked in the past.  In fact, Thomas Sowell wrote a wonderful five part series about how such practices led to the present economic disaster.  His series is well worth revisiting at this point in time, because Mr. Obama seems doomed to repeat the very history that could cause the very economic conditions that he has often said should “never happen again”.  A similar opinion has been voiced by the editorial staff at Investor’s Business Daily.

Here is my question: if so many of us can grasp that the POTUS sets courses, on a myriad of issues, that lead in the exact opposite direction that he says he is pursuing, what does that say about him?  And, what does it mean for the country?


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