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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Mr. Obama made reference to “system failure” with respect to the nearly successful attempt to bomb Flight 253 on Christmas day.  He further stated that no one agency, etc., etc. was at fault.  However, our Country does rely heavily on our CIA to gather, analyze and disseminate intelligence in order to keep us safe.  How well has the current Administration strengthened, or even supported, the CIA?

Consider that on January 22, 2009, only two days after being inaugurated, Mr. Obama signed an Executive Order that banned “enhanced” interrogation methods, instead opting to use only military-approved interrogation methods, down-grading the ability of those in the CIA to do their jobs.

Next, after the POTUS assured us that no CIA interrogator would be prosecuted, AG Holder announced an investigation of the CIA.  He did not assure the CIA that his investigation would not eventually lead to prosecution or other negative outcome.

Now, a year later, Mr. Obama has signed another Executive Order that gives Interpol, among other things, at least the theoretical ability to prosecute CIA operatives as “war criminals”.

Oh, yes, and finally, it has been announced that CIA manpower is now to be diverted from terrorism activities to monitoring “climate change”.

The POTUS was right about one thing in his speech yesterday, we are at war.  However, his methods in waging this war seem, to me, to be less than effective.  Now that the CIA has had its pencil confiscated, do you feel safer?


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