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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Photo by Matthew West

“He Did It”, reads the Boston Herald headline.  Scott Brown (R) has been elected by a 5% margin to fill the U.S. Senate seated vacated by the death of Senator Edward Kennedy (D).  The Democrats have now lost their super majority in the Senate.  How did this happen, especially in a state that elected Barak Obama by a margin of 26% a mere 15 months ago?  Well, it depends on whom you ask.

Democrat opinions vary among:
-Martha Coakley ran a lackluster campaign with a sense of entitlement.
-Coakley made the campaign a popularity contest and lost.  (This from Barney Frank)
-It was Obama’s fault.  (So says one of Coakley’s internal pollers)
-The voters had a “turn out the incumbants” mentality. (Hmmm…)
-And my favorite is from Steny Hoyer.  People were angry and frustrated by the Republicans.  (Someone will have to explain that one to me)

On the other hand, when the voters who elected Scott Brown are interviewed about why they voted for him, this is what they say:
-I was tired of having them jam legislation down our throats.
-It was time to end the one-party rule in Washington.
-The Healthcare Bill needs to be killed.
-I wanted to send Washington a message.
-In their arrogance they were not listening to us.  Maybe they will listen now.

To whichever view one subscribes, (the truth is probably a mixture of both), there is no doubt that the win by Scott Brown changes the landscape in Washington.  Now, the ball is in the court of the Leftists.  How they play that ball will impact whether they suffer a wholesale loss of power come November, 2010.  There have been observations that the revolution that founded our country began in Massachusetts, and that, once again, a revolution has originated there.  Time will tell whether that is true.  However, from the Democrat responses to the election of Scott Brown so far today, it certainly seems like some on the Left have interpreted this election outcome as a warning aimed at them.

For today, I am reveling in this win that Massachusetts delivered to all of us.  God bless the Bay State!  And, to Scott I say, “Keep on truckin’, brother, keep on truckin’.”

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