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In Search of a Villain – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online

In Search of a Villain – Andrew C. McCarthy – National Review Online.

Following is a post from Andy McCarthy on The Corner blog at NRO.  He references his article above and includes an excerpt from The New York Post that also seeks to expose the shameless political use by Obama to push his Wall Street “reforms”.

SEC v. Goldman & Obama’s Political Operation   [Andy McCarthy]

Thanks, Derb, and, man oh man, is Obama ever spinning — raising spin to an art form in a way that must make Clinton green with envy.

“The main thrust of my column this morning is that the administration is using the civil case the SEC has brought against Goldman Sachs as a key part of its choreography for the push to grab more control of what was once known as the private sector. So check out this reportNew York Post [and thanks to Victoria Taft for bringing it to my attention]: from the

President Obama is bringing his war on Wall Street to the enemy’s turf. He’ll make his pitch for financial reform in the heart of lower Manhattan Thursday — even as his team make hay of the Goldman Sachs fiasco with a tech savvy appeal to Democratic donors.

Internet surfers who entered “Goldman Sachs SEC” into Google were directed to the president’s campaign Web site via a sponsored link titled “Help Change Wall Street.” The White House’s political arm paid for the keywords — but would not say how much. The tactic provided the latest evidence of how Obama and the Democratic National Committee are using the Securities and Exchange Commission’s bombshell fraud suit against the financial giant to push financial-reform legislation through Congress.

The White House continues to deny that there is any link between the timing of the SEC suit and its push for regulatory “reform.” The President just happens to have a political operation that just happens to have been suited up and ready with cash and an Internet communications strategy that happens to bounce Americans interested in their government’s doings not to media accounts, or even the SEC’s website — which would be disturbing enough — but to an Obama campaign website.

I know we grow tired of the media hypocrisy theme, but I’m trying to imagine the outrage if a Republican administration pulled this sort of thing.”


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