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The Global-Warming Tax – Patrick J. Michaels – National Review Online

Happy Earth Day–the holiest day of the year for the Church of Ecology.  With the debate over “climate change” legislation heating up in Washington, (please excuse the pun), Mr. Michaels’ article is quite timely.  After all, we all have recovered sufficiently from the “Healthcare Reform” fight to enter the ring for another round, right?

It is also timely that Christopher Horner’s newest book, Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America, is now available, (my copy is due to arrive on Saturday).  If you are not “up to speed” about the “cap and trade” and other proposed “climate/energy control” legislation and its consequences, now is the time to acquaint yourself with it.

So, celebrate this Earth Day by reading the article below and perhaps by purchasing a copy of Mr. Horner’s book, because ready or not, the bell is ringing.  The next round of the fight is about to start.

The Global-Warming Tax – Patrick J. Michaels – National Review Online.

NOTE: If you are still in a celebratory mood after reading Mr. Michaels’ article, indulge yourself in reading the one by Deroy Murdock, also of NRO, that speaks to the impact of “carbon taxes” on Black Americans.  For a bit of history on Earth Day, you may also want to read the retrospective by Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail.  Enjoy!?


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