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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Former President George W Bush

Yesterday, former President George W. Bush spoke at Southern Methodist University.  As he described the vision for the George W. Bush Policy Institute, it felt as if I had awakened from a nightmare to find a bright morning full of possibilities.  President Bush stated his goal of “continued public service” guided by the same personal values that guided his presidency, to wit, empowering the individual to take advantage of opportunities, free markets, personal responsibility, freedom and the dignity and value of the individual.  Furthermore, President Bush emphasized that the Bush Institute would be non-partisan, impact the real world, set goals and measure results.  He outlined four major areas in which the Bush Institute would work: education, global health, freedom and economic growth.

Previously, I might have not listened to this speech at all.  If I had, it would not have had the same impact on me. Yesterday, his words fell on my ear like rain after a particularly dry spell.  After ten months, (has it been only ten months?), of hearing tortured “Obamaspeak”, the same slick boilerplate speeches, the lectures on greed and profit, not to mention the tiring rhetoric that, predictably, ends up blaming “the Former Administration” for worsening conditions, Mr. Bush provided genuine and powerful images of America, great and prosperous again.  This was a speech of substance, not soaring rhetoric.  It was a speech that touched and moved my spirit.  It was the speech of an adult.  It was a speech that never once produced a “shout out”, or overused words like “robust”,  “transparency”, “sustainable”, “back from the brink”, “teaching moment”, “at the end of the day”, etc., etc., etc.

His themes kept catching both my attention and imagination: accountability, measurable outcomes, partnership instead of paternalism, not dictating strategies to others, and above all, freedom.  It fell to Mr. Bush to correct the glaring omission of the Obama Administration at Berlin with respect to the contribution of President Reagan in ending the Cold War.  Mr. Bush, with pride, told the story of how the words of Mr. Reagan encouraged and supported those who fought for freedom behind the Iron Curtain, and eventually allowed them to prevail.  As he described his “Freedom Initiative”, Mr. Bush built on this theme.  What emerged was the picture of internet technology reaching out to dissidents with the message, “as you stand, we will stand with you”.  Using the internet to effect the destruction of totalitarian regimes reminded me of the way that radio, the cutting-edge technology of its day, was used to reach behind the Iron Curtain through Radio Free Europe.  It was a good memory and a powerful one.

Next, President Bush turned to the “Economic Initiative” of the Bush Institute.  He stated clearly that it was “not the job of Government to create wealth, but to create the environment in which it thrives”.  He opined that as this Country moves through the current economic downturn it would be tempting to replace the free market private sector with the “blunt instrument” of Government regulation and control.  But in terms of economic growth, he said, “the problem is not too little government but too much”.  The “Economic Initiative” will focus on economic growth both at home and abroad.  Promoting free trade, as over against protectionism, and cheap, clean, abundant energy.

Finally, Mr. Bush spoke about the promotion of  “social entrepreneurship” and empowering women in all areas through these initiatives.  Before introducing his wife, former First Lady, Laura Bush, he made a last forceful statement, “I am convinced”, he said, “that the women in the Middle East will lead the move to democracy.  They will have an ally in the Bush Institute.”

For one brief shining moment, yesterday, I caught a glimpse of America—strong , prosperous, mighty, benevolent, God-fearing and just.  That is my America, not the one that apologizes, victimizes, coerces, begs foreign money, creeps relentlessly toward socialism, appeases dictators and gives its own, at home and abroad, platitudes and empty promises in the midst of their great need.  Until I heard Mr. Bush yesterday, I had not realized how much I missed his manner, his humor and his steady, unwavering belief in our purpose as a great people who have been immeasurably blessed by this Country.   God bless you, Mr. Bush for refreshing my soul.

In 2010, let us all resolve to find and work for those, who like President Bush will truly discharge their duties as our elected officials with integrity.  Let us find and work for those who share the kind of values delineated in this speech.  Let us find and work for those who share a vision for this Country in keeping with her founding principles.  Let us believe that in so doing, we will stretch one brief shining moment into
a lifetime of lifetimes.

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(title of this post from a Guns n’ Roses song of the same name)

NOTE: The author of this post is Caesar 10044.  He holds a PhD in History.  These are his reasons why the current liberal ascendancy cannot last.

1) Barack Obama already appears haggard and joyless.  His lying is probably making him sick.  History will remember him as “Barack the Unready”.

2) Speaker Pelosi is already a laughingstock and will probably suffer a nervous breakdown out of fear of being caught-out in her lies, (a la Tell Tale Heart),

3)Rahm Emanuel is good at street fighting, but I predict that he will blow up at the wrong person at the wrong time.

4)Expect a backlash against paying the huge taxes and utility increases that the “Cap and Trade” Bill will establish.  (I believe that Al gore will eventually be discredited).

5)Should Health Care Reform pass, there will be a backlash against the taxes that will proceed the implementation of the actual Health Care.

6)It is heartening that the first, real bipartisan action is to have Congess compel Mr. Obama to remove his “czars”.  Without them, his power base is weakened.

7)There is a good chance that those radical Democrats, as well as the “Blue Dogs”, who voted for “Pelosicare”, will be looking for new careers in 2010.

8)As people see their own taxes rise, the public will demand that  Rangel and others who have not paid their taxes finally receive their just deserts.

9)People will finally become exasperated at not being able to tell jokes about Obama.

10)I believe that the Health Care Reform bill will be successfully be blocked in the Senate.

11)If a ‘second stimulus’ comes to pass, it will cause enough discontent that moderates and independents will start listening to the ‘Tea Party’ movement.

12)In the foreign policy area, Obama’s decisions about Afghanistan will continue to make him look weak.  If Iran develops a nuclear device, Obama will look even worse, especially with respect to our allies.  If Israel acts on its own and bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities, (as it did in Iraq), Obama will look even more ineffectual.  (Remember, Likud is in power.)

13)If Democrats are expected to “fall on their swords” on behalf of their Congressional leaders (who view them as expendable) the Democrat party will become even more divided and have a lack of trust within its ranks.

14)More young people than one would think do not want to be paying for something created by people who they are realizing lied to them about its benefits to them.  (Graduating college students are already realizing this.)

15)The recent Government take-over of the student loan industry, making no private loans available once “caps” are reached, means no Graduate School for many students.  Less education will make it harder for younger people to compete for jobs with 30-somethings.  It will be too late to blame Bush when they realized this.

16)Look at Great Britain and their “love affair” with Blair.  Now they are sick of Labour and cannot wait for their defeat.

17)People only tolerate corruption when times are good.  (Look up what happened to Bertie Ahern in Ireland if you don’t believe me.)


...and a conservative sense of humor.

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Kunin, a former citizen of the U.S.S.R. draws chilling comparisons between the homeland of her childhood and her U.S. homeland today.

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The link to this video was forwarded to me by someone on the 9.12 list. (It was first posted by James, so a h/t to him.) It is an interview with a former KGB operative who later defected to the U. S. Although the interview was conducted in 1985, the tactics are timeless and still being used by the Left today. Currently, we are so numb to this insidious brainwashing that it rarely reaches our conscious awareness unless we are alerted to it.

I want to look into the CONTENT of the indoctrination of the Left in a subsequent post, i.e., the theories espoused, terminology used, etc. However, this video is a terrific introduction to considering specific content because it describes the PROCESS used. He is speaking in terms of the old Soviet Union, however, the tactics and goals remain the same no matter whether the label is communism, socialism, Marxism, statism, etc.

It is good to have the frame for the “big picture” before trying to fill in the details. This video provides that framework.

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After our fun (?) foray into Obama “Doublespeak” recently, I was curious about the roots of the language of the Left. Seriously, why do they seem to speak in code? Where does it come from? What does it mean? I know that all administrations have their messages and talking points. I know that certain words and phrases are purposefully chosen after being thoroughly tested on focus groups. Yet this language seems different in a qualitative way. As a friend of mine used to say, “It’s not only that they are on a different page; they’re reading a different book!”

All groups have their own “lingo”. It is what, in large part, gives a group its identity. We recognize that someone belongs to a group by how well and to what extent he or she knows particular “jargon” or catch phrases. However, as a counseling-psychologist myself, of the cognitive-behavioral school, I believe that language has greater potency than simply defining group character. Language shapes the way we think about relationships, events, oneself and the world. In turn, the way we think generates particular feelings. Those feelings lead to observable behaviors, (or in the political arena policies). Understanding resultant behaviors, (and/or policies), is impossible without first developing an understanding of the words, thinking and feelings that preceded them. It all begins with language.

Initially, we acquire our vocabularies, syntax, grammar and idioms/slang within our families-of-origin. Later, these are enlarged and refined to a great degree by our interactions with others. The nature of these interactions can be active, (as a conversation), or passive, (as in listening to or watching media). As we mature, our usage develops nuances and shades of meaning. We begin to understand that words are often used in less than concrete ways. Perhaps the most important impact on language acquisition and development occurs from reading the written word. “The pen is mightier than the sword.” A reader interacts with the material that is read on numerous levels. Words can paint pictures and inflame passions. A seemingly well-reasoned argument can influence, persuade and even radically change perceptions of reality. All of us are vulnerable to a speaker or writer who has a facility with the language. Words can manipulate. Words can mesmerize. Words can illuminate. Words can indoctrinate. Words can obfuscate. Words have power!

Consider the example below:
“Democrats can win if they stop being corrupted by cash and bullied by lies paid for by special interests. Democrats will lose if they remain cowed into fear by those who shout at town meetings, yell at joint sessions, rant on cable television, slander on talk radio, bring guns to greet elected officials, take surveys about violence against presidents, cheer when America does not win the Olympics and filibuster to preserve, protect and defend the despised status quo.”

(Budowsky was an aide to former Sen. Lloyd Bentsen and Bill Alexander, then chief deputy majority whip of the House. He holds an LL.M. degree in international financial law from the London School of Economics. He can be read on The Hill’s Pundits Blog. 10-5-09).

The above quote is filled with evocative language; language that is meant to arouse the emotions of the reader. What type of picture is the writer painting by using words and phrases like: corrupted, bullied, lies, special interests, cowed, fear, shout, yell, rant, slander, guns, violence, cheer when America does not win, filibuster, despised status quo? To me, it seems to paint a picture of a weak, victimized minority being coerced into submission by an unscrupulous, dangerous and vicious enemy! And, lest we forget, the Democrats possess control over, arguably, all three branches of the Government, as well as its bureaucracy and the Fourth Estate, an extraordinary amount of power-power that the Left wishes to not only retain, but to expand.

The current administration excels at using words in such a dissembling fashion. We “sparrows” would do well to be alert to these contortions of the language. And, as we will learn in coming posts, this insidious usage did not originate with the present Administration. Its roots are deep within the words that so influenced and shaped Mr. Obama—those of Marx, Baldwin, Ellison, Hughs, Wright, Zakaria, DuBois, Alinsky and Davis, among others.

It is crucial that each of us develops the ability to dissect, dig out, interpret and discern the true meaning of what the Left says in order to grasp how they will act-the future of our Country depends upon it.

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For any of you out there who remained skeptical about school indoctrination practices, even after seeing the videos posted yesterday, this video should remove all doubt. It aired, in part, on Fox News this morning, but this is the entire video. (I understand that it was taken down from YouTube earlier today). The sound quality is not the best, but listen carefully, and you will hear the line, “Red or yellow, black or white we are equal in his (Obama’s) sight”.

What do we think about all this, Sparrows?

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Do you ever wonder just WHERE kids pick up the ideas they have nowadays?

Recently, Tucker Carlson exposed how text books in our schools are decidedly slanted to the Left. Furthermore, they often delete, misstate and twist information. The program aired on Fox and can be seen on YouTube by searching for “Text Book Wars”. It is well worth a look.

I was very concerned after watching “Text Book Wars”. However, I believe that parents, once alerted, can be more than equally influential in comparison to a book. In fact, pointing out where a text book is in error can be educational in and of itself, teaching children to not believe everything they read, how to do independent research and how to be an active participant in their education, in short, how to think and arrive at reasoned conclusions.

But, what happens when “educational” videos are shown to children during the school day? How is a parent to know what their children are hearing or seeing? Moreover, what impact do these kinds of presentations have on various aspects of our children’s thinking and development? I have linked to what I find to be a very disturbing video that is being shown in our public schools. It is called, “The Story of Stuff”-a fairly innocuous title; the content is anything but innocuous. Lee Doren, from the Competitive Enterprise Institute developed a critique of this video, so his commentary breaks into the video itself with helpful information. There are four parts to the video. You will want to watch it in its entirety. Pay special attention to the language that is used. There are many “code words” of the Left in the video, words that are a familiar part of Liberal speeches, writings, interviews, legislation, etc.

As I was watching the video, I was reminded of “educational” films that we were shown during Junior High School (as it was then known). I especially remember a series about life in the Soviet Union. One particular portion of the series was horrifying to me at the time; it still is. The segment showed how the children were being brainwashed with Communist propaganda, misinformation, distortions and lies in their schools. In the discussions that followed these films American liberties, free speech, access to the truth, etc. were all stressed as a contrast to these films. I never have forgotten those black and white films, and how I hurt for those children. They seemed to have no chance to ever know the truth or think for themselves. Their future was nothing more than to be imprisoned and oppressed by the Communist ideology.

Today, that ideology is still around. It is now our own children and grandchildren that are being indoctrinated into it under the green guise of being environmentally responsible; something I could have never imagined in Junior High School. Information is power; empower yourselves to protect the children from this sort of blatant anti-capitalist teaching.

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"His eye is on the sparrow, and He surely watches me." --Mrs. Doolittle, 1905