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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin


Following is an excerpt of piece by Roy Innis and Niger Innis of CORE.  The detestably immoral policies driven by the “Greenies” in Africa should shame them all.  For more information about how the environmental fanatics are literally killing African people, read the book, Eco-Imperialism: Green Power.  Black Death by Paul Driessen.  There is a two-fold concern here: 1) the deadly impact of eco-imperialism on African peoples; 2) the move toward the same deadly policies in America.

Blessed with abundant supplies of coal, South Africa has applied for a World Bank loan to continue building its 4,800-megawatt Medupi power plant. The Medupi plant would be equipped with the latest in “supercritical clean coal,” pollution control and “carbon capture” technologies.

However, the project and loan have run into a buzz saw of opposition, led by the Center for American Progress, Africa Action, Friends of the Earth and Sierra Club. These radical groups claim to champion justice and better health for Africa, but oppose the very technologies that would make that possible.

“Telling Africans they can’t have electricity and economic development – except what can be generated with wind turbines or solar panels – is misguided at best and immoral at worst,” Cudjoe declares.

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It’s time for the allegedly pristine character of Rep. John Lewis to put up or shut up. Therefore, I am offering $10,000 of my own money to provide hard evidence that the N- word was hurled at him not 15 times, as his colleague reported, but just once. Surely one of those two cameras wielded by members of his entourage will prove his point.

And surely if those cameras did not capture such abhorrence, then someone from the mainstream media — those who printed and broadcast his assertions without any reasonable questioning or investigation — must themselves surely have it on camera. Of course we already know they don’t. If they did, you’d have seen it by now.


Rep. Lewis, if you can’t do that, I’ll give him a backup plan: a lie detector test. If you provide verifiable video evidence showing that a single racist epithet was hurled as you walked among the tea partiers, or you pass a simple lie detector test, I will provide a $10K check to the United Negro College Fund.

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Cartoon by Erin Bonsteel

On National Review online, Jeffrey H. Anderson has written a piece called, “The Battle Is Lost, and the War Has Begun”.  His views are worthwhile to read on this day after our hard fought battle against Obamacare has ended in defeat.  Mr. Anderson is right, I believe, concerning the conflicts to come over this Bill that was narrowly passed in the House last night. Obamacare is not the last word on our health care system.  It will not stand, but neither will it have its legs cut off in quick fashion.  And, let us not lose sight of the fact that this is only the opening gambit in a war against the American people and their Constitution.  Obama and his soldiers will not long linger on this victory.  They have immigration “reform”, Cap and Trade, card check, regulation of the airwaves and internet, among other things, still to accomplish.

It is important for us to ensure that the passage of this Bill is simply a “Pyrrhic Victory”.  Read its definition:

The phrase is named after King Pyrrhus of Epirus, whose army suffered irreplaceable casualties in defeating the Romans at Heraclea in 280 BC and Asculum in 279 BC during the Pyrrhic War. After the latter battle, Plutarch  relates in a report by Dionysius:

The armies separated; and, it is said, Pyrrhus replied to one that gave him joy of his victory that one more such victory would utterly undo him. For he had lost a great part of the forces he brought with him, and almost all his particular friends and principal commanders; there were no others there to make recruits, and he found the confederates in Italy backward. On the other hand, as from a fountain continually flowing out of the city, the Roman camp was quickly and plentifully filled up with fresh men, not at all abating in courage for the loss they sustained, but even from their very anger gaining new force and resolution to go on with the war.-Wikipedia

Obama has expended tremendous political capital, as well as financial capital, to pass this very unpopular Bill—the thing that will define his Presidency.  We, on the other hand, are like the Romans that Pyrrhus describes, “not at all abating in courage for the loss they sustained, but even from their very anger gaining new force and resolution to go on with the war”.

Ben Stein offers these words of comfort and encouragement in the aftermath of this exhausting contest:

For those of us who still believe in the Constitution, I offer the words of the great civil rights anthem, “We shall overcome, ” and “We are not afraid.” In that spirit, we continue the fight for the return to Constitutional government. Loyal to the nation and the Constitution, but most certainly opposed to the subversion or either.

As Churchill said, “In war, resolution. In defeat, defiance.” And this is a war for Constitutional government. A war of words, to be sure, but a war we must win.

For those of you who have read J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, (or have at least seen the movies), remember that the Balrog did not pass Gandalf on the bridge, but took him into the void using one last desperate lunge.  However, even then Gandalf did not stop fighting it, and in the end the Balrog was defeated.  May this be a parable for our own circumstances and give us true hope.

Hang on until November, and during the ensuing 7 months let our battle cry be, “Resist.  Roll back. Repeal.”

God bless you.  God bless our beloved America.

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These days I often feel just plum tuckered out.  Keeping up with the dreadful tactics of the Washington machine is like chasing after a rather committed arsonist.  There is always a fire to manage and, hopefully, extinguish.  But, what is downright exhausting is that these pyromaniacs continue to ignore the screaming of us firefighters to STOP SETTING FIRES!!  The “consent of the governed” that is supposed to supply the power to our Government is simply being ignored.

The Rasmussen tracking polls for yesterday, January 12, 2010, reports 55% opposition to the Congressional Health Care Plan.  Presidential approval ratings are also taking a hit, now standing at –14, or stated in a different way, a 46% approval rating. Yet, President Obama and his cohorts carry on playing with fire.

And, it is not that we are not screaming loudly enough.  The machine apparatchiks seem to either, a) not believe the poll numbers, or b)  not believe that people really are against having their country torched.  Consider the video below from the recent Town Hall that Senator Feingold held in Wisconsin, where 95% of the audience opposed the Congressional Health Care Plan.

And, if we are silly enough to think that we would be safe should the current legislation, through a benevolent act of God, be defeated, Big Brother has yet another box of matches up his sleeve.  SusanAnne Hiller at Big published a report exposing two other bills, S.B. 1110 and H.B. 2718, (also known as “MedPAC reform”), that backstop the Congressional Health Care Bill should it fail.  Basically, these bills amend the Social Security Act to take control of Medicare guideline and rule-setting processes from the Legislative branch and place it in the hands of the Executive branch.  The article is definitely worth a slow, careful read.

No wonder we are exhausted!  Some days it appears that there is surely not enough water in our wells to keep fighting all these fires.  Some days it even seems preferable to simply let everything “burn baby, burn”.  These are indeed, in George Washington’s words, “the times that try men’s souls”.  However, even as gold is purified by fire in the crucible, I must continue to believe that these fires will produce more than ashes.  Remember, too, that the word “fire” has more than one meaning–enough said.   Soldier on, Sparrows.  God willing, we will prevail.

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Then, they came for Wall Street, and I said nothing.  Next, they came for the automotive companies, and I said nothing.  Now, they are coming for the Health Insurance Industry.  Are you detecting the pattern?

Obviously, the justification that the Obama Administration used for their control of the banks, financial industry and auto companies was that they were given tax-payer money for “bailouts”, and therefore put themselves in the position to expect strict Government intervention, oversight and regulation.  After all, “we the people”, (technically), owned them.  So, what is the justification for Government take-over of the health insurance industry?

Probably the most disturbing aspect, among many disturbing aspects, of the “Health Reform Bill” now wending its way through the Senate is the way it will systematically kill the Health Insurance Industry, (1/6 of our economy), and put it squarely into Government hands.  On September 10, 2009, I published a post called, Evil Insurance Empire.  In that post was a link to a chart that showed the profits of the Health Insurance Industry, (3.2%), and how those compared to profit margins of other industries in 2008.  (It was around 85th, if my memory serves.  You can re-check the link yourself.)  The point is that the Health Insurance Industry does not reap anything like “windfall” profits at our expense.  Despite this fact, the “Reid Bill” currently being passed through the Senate would dictate how this Industry operates with every bit as much strictness as those industries that were “bailed out” with public funds.

The “Reid Bill” would regulate Industry salaries and bonuses.  It would cap the amount of profit that the Industry could make and the amount of dividends that it could pay to shareholders.  In addition, the “Reid Bill”, mandates coverage for pre-existing conditions and removes yearly and life-time caps for pay-outs.  Anyone that can apply common sense can quickly grasp that a business, especially an insurance business, will not be able to remain viable under this type of Government burden.  Might this be the point of this Leftist plan?  Ultimately, if the Health Insurance companies fail, the Government would have “justification” to move in and take them over, running them in fact instead of indirectly through legislative regulation.  Voila, a single payer system emerges–that which Obama has wanted all along.

Constitutionally, there is no provision whatsoever that allows the Federal Government to meddle in private industry in such a way as to actually operate it, while technically allowing its ownership to remain in private hands.  The reason that there are Constitutional prohibitions against such Governmental behavior are apparent.  If the private sector is not protected against such Governmental power, soon the Government, by default, would in reality own and operate every private company according to their own designs, (even if private owners were allowed to remain as “figureheads”).  This kind of Government control has a name–fascism.  Students of history will recognize that this same kind of creeping Government take-over happened in Germany in the years before WWII.  And there was always a “justification” for these actions; always a “greater good” for the “people” was promised.  After all, that was a time of extraordinary economic hardship.

Watch closely, Sparrows.  Educate yourselves.  Be ready to act in 2010.  It has ever been thought that what happened to Germany can “never happen here”.  I beg to differ.  It can.

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Although it is only available on as a pre-order, (I have it on my wish list), the book by Lord Nigel Lawson, An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming, may be the definitive book on “Global Warming” and its attendant flaws and ideology.

Below, I have reprinted an extensive review of the book that appears on  After reading through the review, you may want to place it on your wish list too.

A Ph.D in Global Warming
By Ted Baiamonte (New York, NY) – See all my reviews

This book is an extremely rational look at global warming that ultimately asks the reader, although not explicitly, to consider why human-kind still has a pronounced, if not suicidal, collectivist, and socialistic instinct when in all of human history only freedom has produced salutatory results. As the world socialistically unites around global warming here is the heart of Nigel Lawson’s thoroughly footnoted and brilliant argument. It should encourage you to read the book, and then go on to read more about this incredible issue that so threatens the capacity for reason which we have so painstakingly developed over the centuries.

1) “The 21st century standstill [ 8 years of temperature decline], which has occurred at a time when global CO2 emissions have been rising faster than ever, is something that the conventional wisdom, and the computer models on which it relies, completely failed to predict.” (page 6)

2) “They [The Hadley Centre] now forecast that, after an unpredicted, almost decade-long lull global warming will resume in 2009 or thereabouts”. ( page 7)

3) “For the United States, only three of the last twelve years emerge as among the warmest since records began; and the warmest year of all was 1934.” (page 9)

4) “two thirds of the Green house effect…. is water vapor….Rather a long way behind is carbon dioxide the second most important greenhouse gas.” (Page 10)

5) “….the science of clouds, which is clearly critical (not the least because water vapor [the major component], as we have seen, is far and away the most important contributor to greenhouse gases is one of the least understood aspects of climate science.” (page 12)

6) …the mediaeval warm period, a benign time when temperatures were probably at least as high, if not higher than they are today ….during the Roman period, it was probably even warmer….vineyards existed as far north as Northeastern England.” [where they do not exist today] (page 16)

7) “……..the Greenland ice sheet appears to be melting, while at its centre, the ice is thickening. …all to easy for Al Gore to cherry-pick local phenomena which best illustrate their [his] predetermined alarmist global narrative”. ( page 19)

8) ” …..making a total increase of some 1.3 F [a prediction that is hardly alarming] over the [entire] 20th century as a whole. (page 10).

9) “…is it really plausible that there is an ideal average world temperature, which by some small departures in either direction would spell disaster? The average annual temperature is…41 degrees F in Helsinki… in Singapore…. 81 degrees F. Man can successfully live with that [ a 40 degree F difference].”

10) “…..polar bears, which have been around for millennia, during which there is ample evidence that polar temperatures have varied considerably” (page 30).

11) “Sea levels have, in fact been rising very gradually for as long as records exist, and there is little sign of any acceleration so far. …..may have been less in second half of 20th century than first.” (page 31)

12) “to assess the cost of climate change [assuming climate change] in the absence of adaptation is about as sensible as assessing the risk of catching pneumonia in London on the assumption that we all go out and about in the cold and the rain in our bathing costumes. Yet to a considerable extent that is just what the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change) does.” (page 39)

13) “The Dutch managed [sea level rise] even with the technology of the 16th century.”( page 42)

14) Seven out of 10 [of the worst hurricanes] occurred before 1975.” (Page 50)

15) “…the overwhelming land-borne mass of polar ice [that could effect sea levels] over Antarctica, not Greenland in the North….where the ice sheet is growing” (page 51).

16) “the Gulf Stream [ the ocean conveyer of warm water that Al Gore says may freeze England if interrupted by warming]…is largely a surface current, and thus a wind driven phenomena..[not related to warming].” (page 52)

17) “China’s….annual increase [in emission will] …. far exceed the UK’s total annual emissions.” [China will] increase its power-generating capacity each year by roughly the equivalent of Britain’s total capacity.” (page 55)

18) “On the one hand you [the world] increase the production in China, and on the other you criticize China on the emission reduction issue, so it is unfair.”……”targets should be in terms not of greenhouse gas production but in terms of gas consumption.” (page 56)

19) “It was calculated at the time that if every signatory ratified Kyoto and subsequently met its emission target, [none of the signatories actually did meet their targets] the world’s temperature by 2100 would be 0.1C/0.2F less than would otherwise be the case – a trivial amount”. ( Page 59)

20) “According to the Hadley Center, only by a reduction of about 70% [nearly impossible] in [global] carbon dioxide emissions would we be able to stabilize its concentration in the atmosphere,” ( page 65)

21) “…indeed in 2007 China suspended its production of ethanol for this reason..[ higher food costs, consumes more energy than produces, uses land and rain forests]. ( page 68)

22) “….cap and trade is arbitrary and distortionary covering some admissions and not others….anti competitive, since permits are issued to existing emitters, and not new entrants…scores badly on transparency.. lends itself to lobbying, corruption and abuse.” ( page 74)

23) “…India and China have made billions by building factories whose primary purpose is to produce greenhouse gases, so that carbon traders in the rich world will pay to clean them up.” ( page 76).

24 “.. [A largely gov’t and bureaucracy free carbon tax such as an increase in the gasoline tax, not cap and trade] the only practical means of discovering how expensive carbon needs to be in order to stimulate the changed behavior necessary to stabilize emissions…if that is the objective.”

25) …” saviors of the planet [climate warriors] are, in practice, the enemies of poverty reduction in the developing world. [due to the tremendous costs] (Page 106)

26) “With the collapse of Marxism, those who dislike capitalism..and the United States… have been obliged to find a new creed. For many of them, green is the new red.” ( page 101)

27) “In primitive societies it was customary for extreme weather events to be explained as punishment from the gods for the sins of the people,” ( page 102)

26) “Capitalist rationality does not do away with sub-or super-rational impulses. It merely makes them get out of hand by removing the restraint of sacred or semi-sacred tradition.” (Page 104). also printed to TheIntellectual Republican,, Ted Baiamonte

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A couple of days ago, I posed a question that, in part, observed that the POTUS leads in the exact opposite direction that he proposes to go.  In this piece from, the author asks, “Is it opposite day?”

Scare Tactics: Obama Says USA Will ‘Go Bankrupt’ if Senate Bill Not Passed

Nowadays, my strategy when listening to anything coming from the Left is to remember the famous words of Willie Wonka, “Strike that.  Reverse it.”  Then, surprisingly enough, they actually make sense.

Turning to the continuing fallout from “Climategate”, Icecap has reported that Russian climate data on temperatures was manipulated by the Hadley Climate Center.  A good, but fairly distressing, read.

Finally, since “’tis the season” for gift-giving, here is a list of books that make great presents for you, someone else and especially for your “Progressive” friends and family. HO! HO! HO!


Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt

The Road to Serfdom by F. A. Hayek

The Forgotten Man by Amity Shlaes

Climate Change and Green Policies

Climate Confusion by Roy Spencer

The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon

The Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism by Charles T. Rubin

Red Hot Lies by Christopher Horner

Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death by Paul Driessen

U.S. Constitution and Capitalism and Socialism

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin

How Capitalism Will Save Us by Steve Forbes

The 5000 Year Leap by W. Cleon Skousen

Witness by Whittaker Chambers

U.S. Supreme Court

Men In Black by Mark Levin

My Grandfather’s Son by Clarence Thomas

Obviously, there are many great books out there.  However, these are the ones that I know first-hand from reading them myself.  Each has helped to broaden and shape my reasoning, as well as deepen my thinking beyond a “talking-points” mentality.  All are an antidote to the constant “Progressive” rhetoric of the current day.  It is not enough to be against a position, policy, bill, etc.  Not only do we need to know why we are against something, but also why we are for something else instead.  I highly recommend that you treat yourself, or someone you love who shares well, to one or two of these this Christmas to make it a merry one.  Remember, our New Year, with its promise of the 2010 elections is fast approaching!

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Stop the CFPA

Stop the CFPA.

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Do smoking guns cause global warming, too?

Link below to Ann Coulter’s witty take on “Climategate”.

Do smoking guns cause global warming, too?.

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CLIMATEGATE: Inhofe & Issa Investigate

photo by Associated Press

The media seems to be lagging somewhat behind on the “Climategate” story.  Although the internet is full of information, both broadcast and print media appear to be focusing more on either health care reform and/or the upcoming decision by the POTUS with respect to troop deployment and strategy in Afghanistan.

With the “Cap and Trade” bill still looming in the Senate, I believe that this story deserves much more exposure.  The Wall Street Journal is one news outlet that continues to carry the “Climategate” story forward.  If this house-of-cards is to utterly collapse, it will take Congressional investigations like the ones that Rep. Issa and Sen. Inhofe have announced, and these will also need continued coverage by the media.  Should you doubt this, look at the recent subdued responses to the outrageous behavior of ACORN.  Once the media spotlight was turned elsewhere, we have been minimally updated about its final disposition.

Indeed, it would be beyond imagining if the risks taken by those working to expose both the IPCC and their adherents, as well as ACORN were somehow swept into a dark corner, only to re-emerge to our future destruction.

BTW, for the more technically inclined Sparrows out there, Watts Up With That, has a great analysis of the code that appears in the CRU hacked files.  To me, this code is the best authentication of the files, as well as the best explanation of what CRU has been up to.  More on the code and what it could mean for the future of GW-driven carbon cap and trade is here.  Commentary on the time-line of the hack and analysis of file content is here.  Keep reading.  Keep this issue alive!

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"His eye is on the sparrow, and He surely watches me." --Mrs. Doolittle, 1905