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"What has always made the State a hell on earth has been precisely that man has tried to make it his heaven."–Holderlin

Cass Sunstein’s “Zombie Constitution”

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David B. Rivkin, Jr. and Lee A Casey have co-authored an article at the Wall Street Journal online. It is one of the best arguments against the insurance mandates that have been included in all of the Congressional Healthcare Reform bills. All of our elected representatives swear the “protect and defend” our Constitution. This article points out that mandates would breach so thoroughly Constitutional authority as to make it possible for Congress to regulate every single aspect of American life.

It is somewhat heartening to note that this provision would be fought in the Courts on the basis of the “Commerce Clause”. (NOTE: I have also heard the possibility of invalidating at least parts of some of the bills on the strength of the “right to privacy” set up by “Roe v. Wade”-a delicious irony!) It is also somewhat DIS-heartening to note that the current Federal Court system has the reputation of being not only extremely left-leaning, but also activist in its rulings.

Again, it would seem so much better to step back from the current pieces of legislation and to formulate a Healthcare Reform bill that would address the real issues that need to be, and can be, fixed without dismantling an entire industry and eventually placing both it, and us, under Government control.

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As I have been monitoring the 9.12 events in Washington and across the country, I recalled a group of articles from the “must read” list on the National Review Institute site. The last article is, IMHO, a “MUST, must read”. The Hon. James Buckley writes cogently and persuasively about Federalism as an antidote to the cumbersome and costly Centralized Government that fosters special interests, lobbyists, corruption and spending other people’s money, (OUR money).
In light of the recent scandals with respect to the “Czars”, ACORN and the NEA (National Endowment for the Arts), Buckley’s article is especially apropos. Enjoy!

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9.12 March on Washington-Can you hear us now?

Since I’m not sure how much coverage this event is going to have from the mainstream media, I am adding this link to Fox News where you can stream live video of the protest. It is also being covered on the Fox News cable channel. Looks like a large turn out. Fox is only showing the group in front of the Capitol at this time, however, there are other groups in Washington that are gathered a different places, depending where they were able to obtain a permit.
I so wanted to be there, but our budget just wouldn’t allow. This is the best I can do to support these fine folks who are there to be a voice for all of us who are distressed by the policies and agenda of the present administration and how the implementation of these could negatively affect our Country for decades to come.
Please offer a prayer for the marchers for their strength and safety. Offer one for our elected leaders as well that their ears will be opened and their common sense be restored.

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