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Will New Jersey Do the Right Thing On Cap-and-Trade?

From the Americans for Prosperity Blog comes the item below.  Mr. Lagerkvist was on Fox News last evening outlining AFP’s fight to not only obtain information about this in NJ, but also to overturn it there and keep it from spreading across the Country.  NJ elected Chris Christie to eradicate this sort of secrecy and corruption that continues to steal wealth from all of us.  Time to act, Governor Christie!

By Phil Kerpen
Published August 04, 2010 |

Cap-and-trade is stalled in Congress but it’s already up and running in 10 Northeastern states – and it isn’t pretty. With a drumbeat building in New Jersey for repeal of the state cap-and-trade legislation and attention in the global warming debate being increasingly focuses on the states, this could be a key turning point in the state-level fight over global warming taxes.

Mark Lagerkvist of New Jersey Watchdog has blown the lid off the secretive – and possibly corrupt – working of the so-called Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI, pronounced like the name Reggie), the nation’s only currently-operating cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse gases and the model for a the proposed national program.

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