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Here is Marco Rubio’s closing ad for his U.S. Senate race in Florida.  It is outstanding!

Please take a couple of minutes to watch, and then redouble every effort to take back our country on November 2nd.  Electing dedicated conservatives like Marco Rubio can provide the power to roll back the statist agenda that threatens our American character and freedoms.

Pray that all of us who love our Country and believe that it owes its existence to God will take action to remember in November.

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After spending the past several weeks in “cancerland”, I was able to peruse various sites today to see what I’ve been missing.  My favorite quotes are below, along with links to the entire article in which each appeared.  Enjoy!

[T]hey’ve [Big Labor] instituted schemes where teachers receive raises for not dying over the summer.

Keynesian politicians don’t realize (or pretend not to realize) that economic growth occurs when there is an increase in national income. Redistribution plans, by contrast, simply change who is spending an existing amount of income.

If we are going to talk about “the policies that created this [economic] mess in the first place,” let’s at least get the facts straight and the names right.

Just as stunning as the tableaux of the massive throngs lining the reflecting pool [on 8/28] were the images of the spotless grounds afterward. If someone had told attendees they were expected to mow the grass before they left, surely some of them would have hitched flatbed trailers to their vehicles for the trip to Washington and gladly brought mowers along with them.

The only path back to robust growth and prosperity is to stop this [Obama’s] agenda dead in its tracks, and then by stages to reverse it. These are the economic stakes in November.

…the administration remains clueless, hinting that it may seek another “stimulus” costing billions. This bunch is either willfully doing damage to the U.S. economy, or completely incompetent.

[Allen] West: I would absolutely support repealing all of Obama-passed legislation.
For those interested, his website is

If Keith Fimian wins the [Virginia] 11th, the GOP will far exceed their electoral success of 1994. You can follow the Fimian campaign itself at

The Labor Day sprint to November has begun. The game is afoot.

(Note to Harry [Reid]: Repeating oneself is bad enough, repeating vague platitudes about “failed-policies-of-the-past-and-the-need-for-a-new-strategy”– like someone else we know — is downright pathetic.)

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Yesterday, Senator Mitch McConnell and Representative John Boehner were interviewed on “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace”.  Mr. Wallace asked a question about retaining the “Bush Tax Cuts”, and requested that the Republicans respond to charges by the Democrats that these would add to the deficit, because the Republicans were not offering a way to pay for them.  His question presented a wonderful opportunity for these Republican leaders to articulate the difference between “revenue” and “spending”.  Unfortunately,  neither of these two gentlemen took advantage of the opportunity offered.

Now, in general, I like both of these guys.  However, if their answers are representative of how Republicans will be speaking to the Country in the months leading up to the mid-term elections, opportunities will not be the only things lost.  Surely our Republican members of Congress have at least one person on their staffs who know how to explain the application of conservative economic principles in simple, relevant terms.  For example:

A person is told that s/he will not be receiving a raise in the upcoming year.  That person has a few options: 1) postpones projects, purchases, etc. that s/he has been considering, 2) s/he seeks to find a second job or sells some of his/her possessions, and/or 3) finds expenditures in his/her budget that can be eliminated or reduced.  The one thing that the (sane) person does not do is put a gun to the employer’s head and demand that s/he give the raise, or else…

On a much larger scale, this example also holds true for the Government.  Retaining the “Bush Tax Cuts” is not an expenditure that needs to be paid for.  Instead, their retention is equivalent to the Government not receiving a raise.  In general the Government has the same options as an individual would in the same situation.  Letting the “Bush Tax Cuts” expire, therefore, is tantamount to putting a gun to the heads of taxpayers and demanding the raise be given.

It seems to me, that questions such as Mr. Wallace asked on Sunday of Senator McConnell and Representative Boehner will continue to be asked by both the media and Democrat candidates.  The Republicans need to be able to predict such questions and have clear and readily understood answers prepared that reflect conservative principles.  The game’s afoot, and Republicans would do well to perfect theirs very soon.

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Cartoon by Charles M. Schulz

At less than 100 days before the 2010 midterm elections, representatives of both parties are playing political football with deficits, spending and taxes.  Between focus groups and polling they have obviously been alerted to the fact that the electorate really does care about these issues.  How deficits, spending and taxes will be addressed, however, differs wildly depending on whom is speaking.

Republicans are supporting the extension of the Bush tax cuts for everyone, but they have not been very articulate in explaining why.  They often seem flummoxed by the contention that extending these have added and will continue to add to the deficit.  In fact, the Republicans are not responding to those, like Timothy Geithner, who are saying that letting the Bush tax cuts expire, at least for the top earners, is the “responsible thing to do”.  Many Democrats seem to be equating the decrease of the deficit with, ostensibly, increasing revenue to the Government through higher taxes on “the rich”.  (Of course, these are the same brilliant Democrats that touted Obamacare as a deficit-reducer.)  What we do not hear Republicans shout with a unified voice is that without reduced spending any tax revenue increase will be more than offset by continued Government spending.

Enter four Democrats who are proposing spending cuts to decrease deficits.  These say that Republicans have offered “only rhetoric” about spending cuts but no real action.  These four Democrats plan to proffer “real” spending cuts on the House floor.  Now, these four clearly know what will resonate with voters, but they are being disingenuous in stating that Republicans have offered “only rhetoric” about spending cuts.  Over eight weeks ago, Eric Cantor, (R-Virginia), began the “You Cut” site which is located at  In each of those weeks, Americans have voted for a program or expense that they would like to see cut.  The Republicans have then brought up the winning item for vote on the House floor.  In every case the Democrats have defeated the spending cut proposal.  (By the way, since the four Democrats, mentioned previously, have so recently joined together to cut spending, they do not have a web-site in operation.)  Again, the Republicans would do well to vigorously emphasize that they initiated not only speaking about spending cuts, but also have attempted legislative action on them despite being in the minority in Congress.

Our Republican representatives would do well to educate the public about: 1) why the Keynesian policies of this Administration have failed to initiate and sustain a robust economic recovery, and 2) how policies based on classical economic theory would remedy the economic malaise in which we find ourselves.  November is quickly approaching and with it comes what will be one of the most important elections of our lifetimes.  Let us pray that the Conservatives will craft a simple, unified and articulate message and then loudly proclaim it.

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I love this guy and wish to God that all of our candidates could capture his humor, his imagery and his commitment.  Watch below and then visit his site and contribute if you are so moved.  It would be heavenly to see him “chatting” with Nancy.

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